🤔Okay, so what is Versa?

Your ultimate account solution for crypto - mobile-first, versatile, secure, automated, and simple.

TL;DR: Versa is a smart contract wallet, the ultimate account solution for managing digital assets and interacting with blockchains. Built on top of ERC-4337, Versa is a mobile-first application that simplifies and automates every stage of your web3 journey with bulletproof security. With a built-in store of plugins, you can add new features to your account-such as automation, security controls, mini-games, or composability with other DeFi protocol.

Crypto users face a common hurdle: on-chain accounts. Signing transactions at every step and safeguarding seed words—it's a hassle.

The current externally owned account (EOA) setup is outdated and risky, making it challenging for newcomers. Smart contract account (SCA) is the upgrade we need, offering programmable magic and full control to users.

Versa takes the mission from day 1 to simplify crypto jargon and make self-custody a breeze.

Some of the cool things that Versa does:

  • Recurring transfer

  • Scheduled transactions

  • AI-empowered auto investing

  • Dollar-cost averaging

  • Build your own payment routines for bots, contracts, projects, communities, and more

  • Social recovery

  • Spending limit

  • Risk preference of your choice

  • Private guardians

  • Unique address across chains

But how?

Shop in Versa Plugin Store for features you wish for

At Versa, we focus on enhancing your crypto experience with optional add-ons called plugins. These nifty features, built by both us and our awesome community developers, take your Versa experience to the next level.

The best part? Our core contract is designed to make building plugins a breeze, without compromising security. Unlike other solutions, our plugins can be as simple as setting up a daily routine. Imagine subscribing to a routine that lets you swap coins on Uniswap and stake on Compound with just one click. No more jumping between different products and signing multiple times—everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Automate everything like a pro

Introducing the magical Session Key—a semi-custodial key that gives you controlled spending powers over third-party BOTs, Projects, and Contracts. You can automate transactions according to your desires. Dollar-cost averaging, recurring transfers, and custom daily routines become a piece of cake. You can even use the Session Key to automate cool logic-based actions created by us, projects, or our amazing community developers—all while keeping your assets safe and secure.

Frustration-free cross-chain interactions

Say goodbye to the complexities of using SCAs across different networks and hello to simplicity with our smart Keystore Contract.

We've designed an architecture that separates verification logic and asset holdings, making it a breeze to use SCA across different roll-ups. Translation: you can now have one unified address across multiple chains, and manage logic and controls in one place via state syncs.

And wait, there's more. We've got you covered with private guardians to protect against any sneaky social attacks. Keep your assets safe, secure, and supercharged with Versa Wallet.

Ever wondered if it's all talk and no action? Well, hold your horses until you witness the magic of our app.

It's fancy, it's fun, and it's the real deal. Let's dive in:

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