Passkeys are a safer and easier alternative to passwords. With passkeys, users can sign in to apps and websites with a biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition), PIN, or pattern, freeing them from having to remember and manage passwords.

A passkey can meet multi-factor authentication requirements in a single step, replacing both a password and OTP to deliver robust protection against phishing attacks and avoids the UX pain of SMS or app-based one-time passwords.

A combination of passkeys and Versa accounts unlocks huge improvements in terms of UX and security:

  1. Streamlined sign-in, without passwords or jumping across different devices. There's no need to create or manage passwords. Once a passkey is created and registered, the user can seamlessly switch to a new device and immediately use it without re-enroll.

  2. Based on FIDO Alliance and W3C standards, passkeys replace passwords with cryptographic key pairs, offering stronger credentials, avoiding server leaks, and reducing costs for using external two-factor authentication methods like SMS.

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